YOU Have The POWER To Activate Your Dream Life At Any Time!

You Just Have Not Been Taught How.
We Plan To Change That At This Event!!

Register To Attend This 2 Day LIVE Event On The Weekend Of February 1st & 2nd From 10am - 7pm


This IS The Event You've Been Waiting For!

It's Time To ACTIVATE Your Dream Life!!

You are about to discover the most powerful knowledge you can use to change your life and how to use it to start living YOUR dream life!

If You Have Been Living Your Life for Others, Placing Yourself Last, Sacrificing and Struggling, Barely Existing vs. Living YOUR Best Life…


If You Are At a Point In Your Life Where You Raised Your Family and Worked The Career Til You Can Give It No More But KNOW You Have More To Give The World Then…

This Event Is For YOU!!

Learn a Simple 3 Step Process To Discovering Your TRUE Purpose!

Learn to get clear and more importantly HOW to focus on your goals, visions, objective, and purpose so that you can RADICALLY change your life in just days and weeks!

Learn The TRUE Power of Your Mind and Be Prepared For Any Challenge or Change In Your Life!

Learn strategies to tap into your unknown potential! What lies within you is UNTAPPED confidence, courage, knowledge, passion and strength to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you.

Learn How To SILENCE The Negative Chatter In Your Head and Delete All Limited Beliefs You’ve Grown Accustom To!

You’re going to learn how to overcome limited beliefs which lead to limited decisions that are keeping you from attracting the people and resources into your life to achieve anything in ANY area of your life!

Learn How To Step Into Your TRUE POWER!

Learn effective strategies to help you step into your TRUE POWER like never before so you can SUCCEED in EVERY area of your life including but not limited to Career, Family, Health and Fitness, Personal Growth and Development, Relationships and Spirituality

Learn To Create YOUR Ultimate and Unstoppable SUCCESS Map By Leveraging What The 1% Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Learn what Millionaires and Billionaires know about how to truly motivate themselves and use that motivation to catapult yourself in that Dream Life space which has been waiting for you to walk into it. 


Imagine Having Everything You Need to Overcome ANY Roadblock to Success in ALL Areas of Your Life... Regardless of Your Past!

Your Past Has Only Weighed You Down Until Now and We're Going To Show You How Regardless of Any Pain, Trauma or Upbringing You Can Achieve Greatness By Giving Youself PERMISSION To Do So!

Your Trainers for The Day…

Your trainers for the day are a husband and wife team who are both Board Certified Trainers and Master Practitioners in the following modalities:

  • E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Tapping)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • T.I.M.E. Techniques
  • Success Coaching
  • Life Coaching and
  • Reiki Mastery

Register Now for The Yes! To Manifest
2 Day Weekend Event!

This Event Is ALL About YOU!!


Yes, this event is all about YOU! Whether you’ve been afraid to go for yours or have felt guilty for wanting to it’s YOUR time to start living your most fulfilled life!


This two day event is about learning to live UNAPOLOGETICALLY and how to live life by YOUR design how YOU want to live it with no limits


You KNOW you have a purpose in life and have not been pursuing it or living it. If you were living that TRUE PURPOSE you’d know it because you’d already be living that dream life! 


That is one of the reasons why you are not experiencing the success you desire or the best that life has to offer. There’s more to it than just living it though and we’ll share with you what you need to do so you can STOP robbing the world of your gifts. 


YES! You have gifts but have not been embracing them to the fullest but we’re going to help you change all that.


 You also know that you have not been honest and truthful with yourself about WHO you are and WHY you are here alive and existing at this point in time! 


That all ends now because there is so much more waiting for you that YOU DESERVE!!!


At this 2 day

Yes! To Manifest 

Training, you will learn how to stretch yourself beyond your own limits so that you can achieve your most fulfilled and happiest life by learning…

  • How to give yourself permission to be happy no matter what!
  • How  you can control your state of being at any time to feel  whatever and however you want!!
  •  How to determine your TRUE value so that you start getting what you’re worth and deserve!!!
  •  You’re also going to learn one of the most POWERFUL things that we can teach you when it comes to REMOVING the charge of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt being able to NEVER feel their affects on your life again!!!!
This Is Your call!

The Program Topics for The Weekend


Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

Release The True POWER of  Your Mind

The 3 Step Process To Discovering Your True Purpose

Remove EVERY Obstacle That’s Been Holding You Back and I Mean EVERY Obstacle!

Discover What Millionaires and Billionaires Know About How To  Properly Motivate Themselves To Catapult Their Success To New Heights AND How To Use This NEW Found Level of Success To Help and Bless Others!!

How to UNLOCK a POWERFUL Manifestation Tool That You’ve Had Embedded In Your Subconscious Mind and Is Tied Into Your Own D.N.A. Putting YOUR Ability To Manifest On Steroids Like NEVER Before!

Watch and Learn The Exact Process Used On Clients and Students That Has Helped Them Realize Their Fullest Potential and Some Have Taken It BEYOND The Potential They Ever Thought They Even Had!!

 And more…



Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn

Learn How To Remove Limited and Negative Beliefs In an Instant!

Learn How To Unlock and Release Your TRUE Success D.N.A. With Simple Techniques

Discover OUR 3 Step Formula for Manifesting Money and Clearing Money Blockages

Eliminate Fears, Doubts, Worries and Other Obstacles So That You Can Set Your Manifestation On Autopilot!

Set Motivating S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Learn The 3 Simple Steps To Achieve Them Under Any Circumstance Regardless of Your Past or Current Situation

Learn How Money Is Just Energy Flowing All Around You and You Can Tap Into It When You Want or As Much As You Want As Long As You Don’t Disrupt The Flow





Yes! To Manifest!

Registration 09:30-10:00 AM

Doors Open @9:45 - Day One

Collect your pass and Welcome information.

10:00AM – 1:00PM

General Session

First Part of Training Sessions for Day 1

1:00PM- 2:30PM


Your Time To Grab a Bite and Network With Newly Formed Connections


General Session

2nd Part of Training Sessions for Day 1


Yes! To Manifest!

Registration 09:45-10:00 AM

Doors Open @9:45 am - Day 2

Collect your pass and Welcome information.

10:00AM – 1:00PM​

General Session

First Part of Training Sessions for Day 2

1:00PM- 2:30PM


Your Time To Grab a Bite and Network With Newly Formed Connections

2:30PM – 7:00PM

General Session

2nd Part of Training Sessions and Close

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March 28-29, 2020
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